¡Adios Amigos! ¡Buena Suerte!

The Spanish Club says “Bye Friends! Good Luck!”


Seniors: Antara Ajjampur, Fabiola Belaen, Murrah Sabouni

The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Spanish Club provided an escape for many into the foreign worlds of the diverse 20 Spanish speaking nations throughout the world. Throughout students’ high school careers, these individuals enriched themselves with Spanish culture in the form of tasting a variety of foods, exploring beautiful and exotic music, watching and absorbing coordinated dances, and most importantly, meeting others with similar interests. The Spanish Club has consistently remained a leader among other clubs with their vast number of members, participation, and true dedication. This year’s members selected a Spanish speaking nation and were expected to creatively inform the club on their unique country. The Spanish Club served as an outlet for current seniors take their knowledge beyond their everyday Spanish class, as well as, for those that love trying new things. The great thing about these clubs, such as Spanish Club, is that those who immerse themselves are not only learning and gaining new knowledge with every meeting they attend, but they are building relationships and friendships that could possibly last a lifetime.
Antara Ajjampur was an active participant and went above and beyond to earn herself a leadership role as an executive of the club. In response to questions about her best memory, while being a part of the club and the impact it will have on her future, Ajjampur explained, “I liked learning about all the Spanish speaking countries and trying the different foods from each country and I am more open to learning about the different cultures and customs of other countries.” Ajjampur continued, “I would like to study more Spanish in college and hopefully study abroad in a Spanish speaking country. As a member of the Spanish Club I have learned more about other countries. This allows me to be more understanding of other people and try and understand where they are coming from.” Spanish club does not just teach about Spanish culture and foods, but as Ajjampur said, it has taught her to see things differently and see people in a more open minded perspective. With her acquired life skills that were picked up in Spanish club, Ajjampur, and the other graduating seniors, are bound to have success not with just school, but also people and life.

The seniors who spent each Tuesday afternoon in WBHS teacher and advisor Señor Vennettilli’s room broadening their knowledge of the vast world around them, while spending it with people who shared the same common interests included Antara Ajjampur (executive), Fabrola Belaen (president), Brandon Ehrlichman, Presten Engram, Roberto Escalante (executive), Alex Hairston, Stephanie Jabro, Murrah Sabouni, Lauren Stahl, Maxim Vinogradol, and Jordyn Weiss. Their hard work and dedication to the club throughout their high school careers helped shape a thriving Spanish Club of which lures hundreds of students each year flocking to its meetings.  These seniors will now move onto bigger and better things, but will never forget the memories made and lessons learned at WBHS’s Spanish Club.


We wish you the best in all that you do!