Goals Make Dreams Come True

The Women’s Varsity Soccer Team Sprints Their Way Into The Future


Seniors: Antara Ajjumpur, Emily Murzyn, Cassandra Leslie, and Kelsey Gasso

The West Bloomfield Women’s (WBHS) Soccer team was not just a group of talented and dedicated athletes. It was much more. They were a seasoned group of girls with a common talent and interest that not only created a unified and strong team, but a family. They forged bonds that may stick for decades to come and learned how to be strongly independent within a team in order to make the overall team stronger. The team has not finished their season yet, but began on a positive note and maintained a respectable season record of 4-5-4. One of the Lakers’ most memorable games this season was against Ferndale High School, as WBHS took a 5-0 victory. These lady Lakers look to take on one more opponent and then give it their best in the playoffs. Seniors, Antara Ajjampur (#3 D), Kelsey Gasso (#4 M), Emily Murzyn (#5 D), and Cassie Leslie (#6 M) look to move into the big world as they retire from a team they helped shape and develop through their constant dedication and willingness to work hard day in and day out.

Gasso, #4, played midfield for the mighty Lakers and now looks forward to attending Oakland University and majoring somewhere in the medical field. Gasso hopes to continue her love and passion for the game throughout her life with those around her, including her friends and family. When asked about her career highlight, Gasso answered, “My career highlight was scoring my first goal during my first year of varsity. Nothing beats that feeling!” She continued to explain the impacts of soccer of one’s future by saying that, “Soccer will impact my future because it has taught me that life goes on and to give it your all the whole ride. You might only get that one chance to score in a game, and you need to give it all you got. The same will happen in life. You might only get one chance to do something, so don’t miss your chance!”

Leslie, #6, played midfield throughout her high school career and is now headed to Michigan State University to continue her studies. Leslie plans to continue her passion for the sport by participating in a club league. Leslie responded to what her career highlight was and how soccer will impact her in the future by stating, “The highlight of my soccer career was all the team bonding and beating teams that others doubted we could. Soccer has been such a big part of my life growing up and I feel like it could be something I do every so often in the future.”

Murzyn, #5, dominated at her defensive position throughout the year and now plans on attending Michigan State University. She would like to remain active in the sport of soccer by competing on an intramural team. When questioned about her highlights and the impacts of the sport, Murzyn explained, “My high school career highlight was team bonding. We always have a great time and I enjoy spending time with all my teammates outside the field. I will miss this the most about the high school soccer team. Soccer has impacted my future because it has allowed me to build friendships that I might not have had to begin with. It has influenced me to live an active lifestyle as well. You can create good relationships with people over sharing a common interest.”

Ajjampur, #3, played proudly played defense for the Lakers and will be attending the University of Michigan in hopes of majoring in a biological field. Ajjampur stated her high school career highlight by saying, “My first high school goal against Hazel Park during my junior year.” She continued to explain the impact that soccer has had on her and said, “Soccer has taught me how to work with a team and listen to other people’s ideas. I will be able to use those skills in the future when working on projects with other people.”



Good luck Lakers!

Team Photo
Team Photo