Curtain Call

Seniors in Film Fest, Fall Production, Children’s Show and Spring Musical

Curtain Call

The 2014-2015 school year marked the 5th anniversary of The Orchard Lake Film Festival held at West Bloomfield High School. The Orchard Lake Film Festival welcomes talented filmmakers from Metro Detroit to compete for scholarships and prizes to further their work in the film industry. This opportunity allows young Metro Detroit filmmakers to create short films that will be viewed in front of peers, students from other schools in the Metro Detroit area, and movie industry professionals from every field.

Film Fest also allows students from Metro Detroit area schools to participate in workshops taught by movie industry professionals that teach them skills and give them advice on their future in the business of filmmaking. These workshops range from costume makeup to video editing.

After the workshops have drawn to a close, the students gather in the West Bloomfield High School’s theatre and watch the compiled short films from each entry. The industry professionals act as judges for the short films, and award the top films in each category.


Fall Production: You Can’t Take It With You

Seniors John Brenner, Haley Reeves, Joshua Rusinov, Emily Rooks, Tatiana Habsburg, Sabrina Brogniart, Ben Reinheimer, Max Vinogradov, Sam Luken, Tiffany McNulty, Raina Pintamo, Brooke Bain and Josh Cooper starred and worked on the Fall production of You Can’t Take It With You.

“It was my favorite of all of the fall productions because I had the chance to play a major role that was similar to me in the sense that my character valued family the way that I do,” said Brooke Bain.

You Can’t Take It with You would not have been possible without our incredible senior talent and amazing cast and crew. I’ve never been more proud of our school’s theatre department,” wrote Brenner, a student director of the show.


Children’s Show: Fantastic Mr. Fox

The children’s show, Fantastic Mr. Fox, was directed by Senior Student Director Raina Pintamo. Seniors involved in the children’s show include Raina Pintamo, Tatiana Habsburg, Maxim Vingradov, Emily Rooks, Josh Rusinov, Haley Reeves, John Brenner and Sam Luken.

Habsburgs most memorable part of being involved in the children’s show was, “Watching the underclassmen grow and take leadership roles through the mentoring of the drama department. I will never forget the relationships I have made and the overwhelming passion found in our [West Bloomfield High School’s] theatre.”


Spring Musical: Into the Woods

Seniors Laith Faraj, John Brenner, Haley Reeves, Joshua Rusinov, Emily Rooks, Tatiana Habsburg, Sabrina Brogniart, Max Vinogradov, Dacia Brooks, Julia Fantich, Meghan Lederman, Lana Floer, Gabby Lowenthal, Brooke Bain, Zach Joranstad, Michael Prewitt and Josh Cooper starred or worked on the Spring musical Into the Woods.

“Although Into the Woods was a relatively new experience for us, as … Bailey Boudreau stepped in as our new director, working on this show was hands down one of the most fun shows I’ve had the pleasure to take part in all four years of high school,” expressed Brenner.


Congratulations, Lakers!  No doubt you will all be enjoying applause for your endeavors on your next stage!