Au revoir, amis

Seniors in French Club Say Goodbye to Years of Learning and Fun!


The French Connection Club at West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) has been around for a long time, which means that a lot of the seniors have taken part of many activities over the years. The club allows students to gain a deeper understanding of French culture and life than they would be able to get by only taking the class, while also adding a fun learning environment. Just like most clubs, French Connection students and staff have to say goodbye to a group of seniors each year.

The seniors will be missed by all of their classmates and club friends, including French teacher and French Connection leader, Madame Lorig Coe. Madame Coe wants to tell the leaving seniors, “Remember, no matter where you end up, if that’s to work or to college or whatever path they’re taking after high school, just stop and appreciate where you are. Appreciate if you’re visiting new cities, stop and appreciate new people that you’re meeting, because sometimes in the mix of everything  you just forget to enjoy what’s going on around you.”