Away We Cheer!

Sideline Cheer Seniors Clap Off

Away We Cheer!

West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Sideline Cheer team has had a fabulous year. Sadly, WBHS will be losing some of their cheerleaders because they will be graduating.  Our Lakers helped keep the fans, deemed “The Swamp”, riled up during one of the football team’s most successful seasons.  Sideline Cheer had 16 awesome seniors, including Faith Joyce, Zharia Terry, Jasmine Baldwin, Amber Oldani, Raquel Bolden, Anna Mira, Denitra Brown, Tierra Riddick, Tasha Carson, Christina Johnson, Briana Lee, Jayla Grier, Alexis Pate, Jackie Wenninger, Katie James, and Carlee Widmer.  All of these seniors were on varsity and they really left their mark at WBHS. Their coach, Tracy Hoban, has coached her team well and really made for a fantastic season.

Sideline cheer not only impacted “The Swamp”, but it also helped the girls in different ways. Lee said, “Sideline Cheer has affected me by always keeping me motivated and positive no matter what I was going through.”

As the Laker cheerleaders leave for college, Spectrum asked them about their future plans.  Riddick said, “I’m thinking about doing cheer in college definitely, but I need to stay focused first before I sidetrack.”  Lee also noted that, “I’m not doing it the first semester but I’m thinking about it next semester or next year”.

Congratulations on an exciting season, Laker Cheer Team! Keep spreading that cheer wherever you go!