Lacrossing Into the Future

Seniors on Boys Lacrosse Leave WBHS to a Bright Future

West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) says goodbye to another group of seniors from the class of 2015. The boy’s lacrosse team had a fairly successful season with a few wins decorating their record. The seniors, Joshua Averbuch, Jarrell Ku (captain), Daniel Eilender, Ben Reinheimer, Max Gold, Ted Stawiaski (captain), Michael Kolodin (captain), Nathan Pasternak, are all moving on to a brighter future, and one player, Kolodin, is going to play lacrosse at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee.

Their coach, Hank Lewandowsk, enjoyed his first year as the boy’s lacrosse head coach. He said, “I try always to give players on any team I coach examples of how ‘team play’ in athletics will prepare them for life in college and life in the world of work.  It is important for them to understand that as a member of a team they have responsibilities to develop their skills to contribute to the overall success of their team.  They need to support their teammates, to trust them especially in times of adversity where they must collectively play as a team.  My best memory so far was in our first game against Salem.  We lost that game 9-5, but that score does not reflect how our seniors played.  The score was tied 4-4 midway through the fourth quarter, and Salem had 30+ guys on the sideline we only had 16.  Our seniors played hard and were competitive coming back several times to tie the score.  The seniors on this team are coming together.  We have senior captains who are vocal and we have seniors who led by example.”

Congratulations and good luck Lakers!