The (re)Cycle of Senior to Freshman Again

Earth Club says farewell to seniors


West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) Earth Club says goodbye to their seniors after a very successful year of advocating for the conservation of the planet. Through learning the many ways one can better both their community and their planet, these Earth Club seniors are setting themselves up for a great future in the world. “I plan on going into research which could include Earth and environmental studies,” says senior Jianella Macalino. Before these seniors can worry about the future, however, they should celebrate their accomplishments in Earth Club this year. One of these great accomplishments was the club achieving Evergreen status for the second consecutive year in a row! The club also held many successful fundraisers including an LED light bulb drive and a yearly candy bar sale from the Equal Exchange.  They also celebrated their annual Earth Fair, which took place on May 19. Earth Fair is an event that allows the student members of Earth club to inform their public about environmental issues.

While at Earth Fair,  this year’s seniors were able to say a last couple of words about what they will miss most from their leaving the Earth Club. “I’ll miss the feeling of helping the earth, and actually feeling like we are making a difference” said executive board member of the club, Giuliana Herrera while staffing a stand at the Earth Fair. When asked what her most memorable experience of the club was Herrera replied, “I’ll definitely miss Earth Fair because it’s just so fun.” Other seniors of the club have many memories and experiences to recall upon. Rio Mizuno, another senior executive board member of Earth Club said, “I think I’ll miss the meeting when we all come together. I think people have really innovative ideas to help save the Earth.” Overall, seniors in the club said that they would miss the annual Earth Fair the most. Many of these seniors plan to be environmental activists in the future and some, such as Macalino, even plan to go into a career that involves research to solve environmental problems. All in all, Earth Club has set these WBHS graduates up for an active role in preventing the Earth’s problems.  From this year’s seniors at WBHS to next year’s freshmen, they are ready to keep cycling and recyling for the good of all.