Goodbye High School

High school has come to an end, but the memories will last a lifetime


As time for high school graduation creeps closer and closer, I find myself nostalgic, stressed, and ready to move on to a new chapter in my life. Throughout high school, I have been more of a fly on the wall. I am a very quiet person, especially at 7 o’clock in the morning. I’ve always been the type of person not to raise my hand, even if I was positive of the answer to the question being asked. I stood by while people fell in and out of love, crying and complaining of heartbreak. I stayed in at home, watching Netflix all alone, while my peers partied away. I nestled on my bed whilst reading John Green books. Do I regret it? No.

Let me back track. In no way did I not enjoy my high school experience. I went to school events and I participated in school clubs. I learned many valuable lessons in high school. I made amazing friends and wonderful memories that have helped shape me into who I am today. Because of these four years at high school, I discovered me.

Etched into my soul, music has always been a big part of me. Every member of my paternal family is either a singer or a musician or both. My father was in a band before I was born. He plays the piano and the guitar and sings. I’m sure we still have some of his old cassette tapes hidden somewhere. I listen (and jam to) every genre of music. When I was a child, my friend Emily and I would write silly lyrics. We had watched one too many Hannah Montana (which, by the way, I still rock out to Hannah Montana music in the car with one of my best friends, Riam, but that’s a story for another time) episodes.

I have always loved singing. Something I do not love is having all eyes on me (remember I’m shy). During my second semester as a high school freshman, I took an Economics class. To my surprise, an old best friend, Kateri Baker, who I hadn’t seen since 6th grade was in the class too. We sat next to each other and caught up. We both loved Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, so we used to pull out a sheet of paper each class and pass it back in forth between us, writing lyric by lyric of a Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato song.

Eventually, I started developing song writing ideas of my own. I started writing my own lyrics. In fact, that’s all I would do. Every day, every night, during class, out of class, at lunch, at home, when I was supposed to be doing homework or studying for a test, etc. I’m sure it’s finally clicking why many of you would always see me carrying around a notebook, usually a different one every few weeks. It was like a new toy for me, a new toy that I still haven’t grown out of and I don’t plan to grow out of anytime soon. I continued writing music throughout all of my high school years and I will continue to write my lyrics throughout the rest of my life because it is a  major part of who I am. I thoroughly enjoy writing my own songs. It’s the performing component that freaks me out, but I’m working on it (I’ve started putting up YouTube videos). Any form of writing serves as an expression of who I am, but I was not always that enthusiastic about writing.

During freshman year, I took a beginning journalism class. Let me say it this way, I was scheduled into a beginning journalism class by Mr. Charles Jennings (may God or whomever bless his soul because he is amazing). I didn’t pay attention in the class. Although I had always loved reading (like really loved, like if I could read all day every day I would be a very happy camper),  I was not that into writing. The only writing I enjoyed were the catchy lyrics I wrote during Mr. Joliffe’s 4th hour Economics class. There were a million reasons to why I did not want to move on to advanced journalism when my friend Jianella Macalino forced me to take the class with her. She didn’t want to take the class alone. Jianella and I had been friends since middle school, so I decided I would just join the class to be with one of my friends. I was all right at writing, just not phenomenal.

My favorite part about being involved in Spectrum was that we would do fun things like have bake sales and walk around the school to sell copies (while it was still in print) during lunches.  I even began to love writing. I realized that I could write about any topic that I wanted and that I could make my writing whatever I wanted it to be. Writing is an art. At the beginning of the school year I would have never thought that I would like writing for the newspaper let alone be applying to be an editor for it. During the summer before junior year, I long awaited the call from Ms. Marlowe B’sheart about the editor position. I was almost positive that it was going to go to another writer, especially one who was going to be a senior. When I got the call and found out that I was going to be an editor it was one of the best surprises of my life, so far. Not only did I learn how to take on a leadership role, but my writing skills improved dramatically since I became an editor.

Thank you Ms. B’sheart. Thank you for being an inspirational soul. For believing in me and guiding me. For giving me a voice. For helping me break out of my shell. For allowing me to lead Spectrum and create my Spectrum family.

Thank you to my Spectrum family. I will never forget any of your beautiful faces. Stay happy, stay inspired, and most importantly remain a family. I would never be who I am today without Spectrum, the people involved in Spectrum, and the lessons Spectrum has taught me. Spectrum encouraged me to write everyday. I love expressing who I am as a writer throughout every writing piece.

I am undeniably grateful for Jianella for forcing me to take Spectrum with her. I love you, Jianella. You are such an amazing friend. I do not know what I would have done without you throughout high school. You have such a beautiful heart and soul. You taught me to be kind and graceful. You were a friend whenever I needed a friend. You were there when I needed to talk and for someone to listen to me. You encouraged me to break out of my shell and post covers on YouTube. You have been there with me through every step of the way. I will always hold close to heart all the sushi and Starbucks runs, and the MKTO concert last summer. You are one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I thank you for being my friend. I could not be any more proud to call you my co-editor. This may be the end of high school, but it is not the end of our friendship. I can not wait to make more memories with you.

Homecoming 2014
Homecoming 2014
Next on Mob Wives…
MKTO concert!
MKTO concert (June 2014)
Dana Betty and Sidrah Saleem and I in November when we walked in a fashion show for a charitable cause.
Dana Betty and Sidrah Saleem and I in November when we walked in a fashion show for a charitable cause.






















Thank you to all the friends I have made throughout my years at West Bloomfield High School. Whether the plans involved outings to Starbucks, sushi runs, or drives to Birch Run and Frankenmuth, thank you for the memories and the experiences we have shared. These are moments I will never forget. You are amazing human beings whom I will never forget.

I would like to say a big thank you to my family. I can always count on my family to make me laugh, teach me valuable lessons, and help me when I am in need. Jenny, Jason, Natalie, Jonathan, Shawn, Riam, Christina, Serena, Sandi, Jeff, thank you for being not only the best cousins, but my brothers and sisters. Thank you for listening to me, teaching me, guiding me, and molding me into who I am today.  I will never forget all that you and your parents have done for me. It would take paragraphs and paragraphs to thank all of my cousins who have inspired me. Each one of you is influential to me. I will always look up to you. No matter how old we get, or how far we travel from each other. I love you all.

Thank you to my babies. My favorite little cousins, my nephews, Cayden and Caleb. You two never cease to make me smile or laugh. You two will grow up to be exceptional young men. I will always be here to guide you, to teach you, and to laugh with you. I love you both more than you could ever imagine.

Cayden and Caleb (aka my two favorite little people)
Cayden and Caleb (aka my two favorite little people)





“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”
A.A. Milne









Mom, what can I say? You are my rock. You are the strongest person I know. I know that life is incredibly hard for you, and I definitely do not make it any easier, but thank you. You are the person who knows me the best. Always have and always will. You are the person I run to when I need help. From a very young age, you distilled in me the differentiation between right and wrong. You were my first teacher, my first best friend, my first role model. Thank you for going above and beyond for me. Thank you for paying more attention to me than yourself or anyone else. Thank you for making me the center of your world. Thank you for laughing at me when I cried. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you mommy. Forever and always.


Dad, I guess you’re pretty cool too. Thank you for passing on the music gene. Without music, I would be nothing. Thank you for listening to my problems even though they are not your own. Forever your little princess, I love you.











To my fellow graduating seniors and West Bloomfield High School faculty members: thank you so much for everything. Being a part of the WBHS student body has shaped me into who I am today, but now it’s time to Aim Higher. These have been four amazing years, but don’t let them be your best four years. Now is the time to live. Make mistakes and learn from them. Fall in and out of love. Learn new things everyday and challenge what you believe to be true. Never stop improving who you are. The class of 2015 is filled with exceptional young men and women. You are all beautiful. You are all capable of achieving amazing things. Good luck with your future endeavors. 


My time at West Bloomfield High School may have drawn to a close, but the people, the experiences, and the memories hold a very special place in my heart.