Their Final Kick

WBHS Boys Soccer Leaves Us Wanting More


Congratulations to the West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) boys varsity soccer team for having an amazing season; ask anyone and they would say it was all because of the seniors. The rest of the varsity soccer team made sure to make the seniors’ final season their best.  Seniors Iku Shimada, James Fogel, Jarrell Ku, Kyohei Endo, Roberto Escalante, Brendan Gimby, Saif Hadi, and Rami Kadi can all say they had a great time. They have a lot to be proud of on and off the field.

Although they lost a lot of previous team members when they graduated, the seniors’ motivation and determination made up for their absence. Coach Jason Clark said, “I think the proudest moment with the seniors this year was in the last game of their season. I was proud to see them lead the team against one of the better teams in the state; Northville. They left everything on the field and really give it their all.”

Escalante, a co-captain, shared what his favorite part of the season was:  “I loved seeing all the new players develop and grow throughout the season.” Co-captain Ku shared, “my proudest moment would have to be when we played Northville in the first district game, even though we lost , everyone worked as hard as they could, gave it their all, and left everything on the field.”

“Our team improved a lot, we had lost a lot of great players who graduated last year, but we still worked very well with the lower classman, and we learned to play well together,” Endo said.  He shared, “In our first game, I scored in the last two minutes, which was the tiebreaker to give us the win.”

These athletes left all on the field at every game. Being such a bonded, hard working team is a victory in and of itself.  So once again, congratulations to the seniors of the boys varsity soccer team for giving WBHS an amazing 2015 soccer team.