Always Looking Up

A reflection on my four years of high school

Always Looking Up

Out of all the articles I’ve written in my three years of writing for this newspaper, this one is probably the hardest to write. As a journalism student, it has repeatedly been grounded into my mind to stay unbiased, to never inject any sort of personal opinion into a piece. Just state the facts, and go. So here I am, finally having the opportunity to write about myself for once, and I’ve been staring at a blank page for hours.

I wouldn’t classify myself as an extremely interesting person and I am nowhere near able to say that I’ve had a outrageous high school experience, but looking back at the last four years, I wouldn’t have experienced it in any other way. It’s funny to think about just how much change goes unnoticed within these four years. One thing that definitely didn’t change was my height. I’m still the awkward tiny girl I was when I walked in freshman year, just with a slightly better fashion sense.

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Looking back at all four years, it’s hard to pick just one lesson I’ve learned that has stood out from the rest. From learning that life doesn’t end over one failed test to having to accept the fact that people change and some friendships need to end, high school was all about learning and dealing with life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop to enjoy it. I would say that during all of high school, I was involved. I was in Spectrum, Earth Club, Law Club, and V.I.P. Club, and I took all the hard honors and AP classes.  Yet, my involvement stemmed from the advice that getting into a good college necessitated being involved. Not until senior year did I realize that being involved in high school had so much more to offer than just college preparation. Getting involved meant creating amazing friendships and becoming closer with your class and having some of the best times of your life within these walls.


In September, a certain groupchat was created that officiated the nine girls I would end up spending my senior year with. These nine girls were the reason that I got to live my senior year out to the fullest. All of us turned to the chat whenever we wanted to go to games and school events or just hang out in general on the weekends. The school spirit during senior year skyrocketed from past years and they took up my Friday nights. I went to more football games this year than my freshman, sophomore, and junior year combined. My Friday nights had a routine: dinner, game, someone’s house afterward, and they were some of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. Being a part of the Swamp meant dressing up in whatever theme they decided for the game that night and learning all of the chants and traditions of a high school student section. It was what I enjoyed most of the fall and it kind of makes me wish I hadn’t waited until senior year to realize just how fun it can be to go out and support your fellow classmates.

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High school is the time for growing up and changing and as people change, so do friendships. Fortunately, many of my friendships have stayed the same since freshman year. The group of friends I surrounded myself with throughout high school made my high school experience all the more worth it. Freshman year, where we gave any boy we came into contact with nicknames like “kitkat”, “alto”, “rose”, and “bubba” and talked and giggled about them all the time.  Then junior year, when we all had our licenses and with it, a whole new sense of freedom, even if all we did was drive to the mall and Chipotle all the time. I wouldn’t have had such a great time doing these things if it weren’t with the friends I had throughout high school. To my three best friends, Jasmine, Emma and Aleena, you girls have been with me since middle school and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything you’ve done. Nothing beats the times where we end up laughing until our stomachs hurt and there are tears in our eyes.  Jas, I can’t wait to spend the next four years at U of M with you and I know I’ll never have a dull moment with you there. Emma, here’s to living in a 230 sq. ft. room together for the next year, let’s hope we don’t kill each other. Aleena, I know our dreams from freshman year of going to the same college together have been crushed, but our Wolverine vs. Spartan instagrams will be super cute and I’ll keep you up to date via four hour long phone calls.


Spectrum. This class has shaped me in so many different ways, socially and academically. As much as I am a math and science person, I’ve always kept this class in my schedule for the part of me that loves writing and literature. I’ve become friends with people I probably would never have talked to if it weren’t for our mutual interest in writing and every year; it reminds me of my love for writing and journalism. Tara, I’m so happy I forced you to take this class with me back when we were tiny little freshmen. You are one of the greatest friends ever and I couldn’t imagine anyone else being my co-editor. I’m going to miss writing with you; we were the dynamic duo of writing articles. Of course, a special thanks to Ms. B’sheart, these past few years have definitely been an adventure. The switch to online, the doubling of class size, it’s been a pretty hectic three years but I’m so glad you were the one to supervise along the way.

To my parents, thank you for everything. Thank you for all of the love and support you have given me all of these years. I am so truly blessed to have you.

In the beginning of the year during one of those ice breaker games, Ms. B asked us what our goals were for the year. I responded with, “I just want to get into college and graduate.” And now here I am, just days away from graduation, ready to take on whatever the University of Michigan holds for me in the fall. Senior ended up not just being about acceptance letters and diplomas, it ended up being one of the best years of my life with some really amazing people. It will be a year I’ll never forget and I’m sad to see it end but I couldn’t be more excited for the future.