Curtains Calling all seniors

It’s time to put on makeup It’s time to light the lights, it’s time to celebrate our MIFA seniors right!


As the curtains close on another season, West Bloomfield High School seniors look back at the incredible memories they have shared not only with the company of this year, but years dating back to when they first joined the company. For those who do not know, the Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association (MIFA) is an association that sponsors one of the largest theatre festivals in the state of Michigan. Each school participating is to put on a one-act performance with 45 minutes to set-up, perform, and clean up; a very intense competition. With its second year with local actor and director Bailey Boudreau, the MIFA company walked away with not only two awards for Jackson Abohasira, grade 11, and Maxim Vinogradov 12, and advanced from districts to states. For seniors, this was a very successful season whether this was their first year or their fourth and final one. When asking around the veterans of the company, there are those on both the acting and the technological perspective reminiscing in the memories they might have had be it this season or from seasons past. For senior Vinogradov, ”There really isn’t a favorite part. The whole thing is incredible. It’s been a home for me. It’s the only thing in high school that I’m gonna wish I could continue every year of my life.”

For some of the company’s newer members, they leave behind some advice for those who hope to compete for a spot in the company. Haley Reeves gives future members this piece of advice,“Be prepared to work your butt off. There won’t be a moment you’re not trying to make every aspect of the show the best it can be. Everyone’s passion and drive encourages the rest of the company to work even harder, it’s really a good feeling knowing everyone is putting their heart into the production.”

Congratulations to Seniors: Joshua Rusinov, Haley Reeves, Maxim Vinogradov, Tatiana Habsburg, Raina Pintamo, Emily Rooks, and Gabrielle Lowenthal! May your endeavors be great and prosperous