What’s Expected


Mr. Kilpatrick

What’s Expected
What your teachers want from YOU this year
By: Deja Green
 We see new faces every year. With a new year comes new expectations. Spectrum asked teachers what they expect out of their students this year. Here is what they have to say.
“Academic honesty.” – Mr. Kenneth Rys
“Positive mental attitude.” – Ms. Liza Zannotti
“Blind obedience, Starbucks (Venti Americano).” – Ms. Katherine Law
“Gifts for the baby.” – Mrs. Kathleen Townsend
“Tips appreciated, not required.” – Mr. Nicholas Fraylick
“I expect that they enjoy the class, I expect the students to be challenged, I expect them to come to class and to be active in the learning process.” – Mr. Kyle Kilpatrick
“This year, I expect my students to put forth their best effort, never give up, believe in themselves, and help others along the way.” – Mr. Thomas Keegan
“Be on time and get to work.” – Mr. Michael Abel
“The kind of excellence that West Bloomfield High School has always been known for.” – Mr. James Corcoran
“Learning and laughing.” – Ms. Marlowe B’Sheart