A real eye opener

Who knows what will happen when you open your eyes.

A real eye opener

My alarm started to scream at me, getting up in the morning as tear inducing when I thought about it. Same boring cereal, same silly kids show on TV. An old bus appeared around the corner late like every day. The driver was as old looking as the bus.  The day passed easy, like pulling teeth. No one wanted to be here and it showed on even the teachers’ faces. The old bus creaked away like it did every day. I went to bed horrified by the fact I would have to repeat this dreadful routine the next day.

The man with a third eye had been following me all day. He showed up first on the bus. He was driving. Not sure anyone noticed, but I mean how could you not? A. he wasn’t our driver and B. He HAD A THIRD EYE. Then, after that strange occurrence he showed up in my first hour. He didn’t do much, just stood there staring. He didn’t seem dangerous, but none the less it was frightening and strange. By third hour I was starting to worry. I wondered if I should tell the teacher there was a man with a third eye in the back of the class. Seeing as no one else had noticed, I decided I should keep that to myself. He followed me in the hall to fourth hour and every time I saw him his eye glowed brighter than before. Class started, but I got extremely uncomfortable as I could feel the man staring. I stood in the middle of class.

“Something wrong?” The teacher joined in on the staring. Every pair of eyes, all 65 eyes, were turned on me.

“Bathroom,” I muttered and simply walked out of my class. The man started to follow. He looked normal, well, as normal as you can be with three eyes, but he moved very strangly. His legs moved, but that wasn’t why he was moving. He looked like he was riding a little scooter, the image of that almost made this event funny. I started to rush and he matched his pace to mine. I sprinted to the bathroom. He didn’t follow me in.

“At least he has manners.” Then he walked in. His face spread into a smile.

“Hello,” his lips moved but the sound didn’t come from his mouth.

“Um, hey,” I felt strange and his staring wasn’t helping.

“How do you do?” he inquired. I almost laughed; I was having a conversation with a three eyed man. A smile tried to smear its self on my face.

“I’m alright, but this weird guy has been following me all day.”

His smile vanished; I feared I had gone down a bad road.

“Has this man tried to harm you?” This time I did laugh, and it was right in his face, too.

“It’s you! You have been following me all day.” The man’s smile returned. His third eye blinked for the first time that day. A wave of air pulsed from the blink. Then, he vanished. I turned around and looked in the mirror; staring back at me was a third eye.

I wasn’t sure what scared me more. The third eye, or the fact that no one cared. When I asked my teachers they all replied that he was a supervisor. Every student I talked to said he was a student from another school who was visiting. No one mentioned his or my third eye and I didn’t bother to try. Four days after this event I started to wonder how much really my imagination was. Was it a dream? Had I been over tired from the late night studying? I reasoned it was my mind playing tricks. Then the figures showed up. Half ghost, half shadow they crowded my house; I could not move or reach anything. The next day I figured I would walk home, and of course I had to be joined by a very small lizard. He was odd but for no apparent reason. He simply radiated a strange energy. I passed a girl who had an extremely large hood covering her face. I ignored her, as I did most of the strange things I had been seeing, but then she spoke.

“I like your eye.” Not eyes. Eye. Referring to the monster glow of an eye that had mounted on my forehead. I turned around and saw she had a third eye as well.

She smiled, “how was yours opened?” Again, someone had spoken of the eye, making it all the more real.

“A man with a third eye.” I smiled; something had changed in me the moment I opened my eye.