Starry Night

Spectrum’s 2nd place winning poem by Khristian Knight from Abbott Middle School!

Starry Night

One day on a starry night sky,

There was a little boy look way up high.

Stars brighter than ever, makes you wanna cry.

The little boy camped deep into the forest with a light of fire,

No food, no water, not even a decent truck with a blown up tire.

Lonely and scared, worried and pale,

Throat so dry, he couldn’t cry for help, not even a simple yell.

Wolves cried and howled all night at the full bright moon,

With the little boy frightened, he was hoping someone came soon.

Nothing but an old rusty, beat up log and some cold hard dirt,

He went to sleep, wanting some water, a drop, not even a squirt.

The sun rose high and the birds started chirping,

In pain, his stomach growled, hoping he would get a serving.

He explored the forest, followed every path without a doubt,

The clouds became dark and gray, a storm was about.

He turned back and didn’t know which way to go,

Soon the rain would start to flow.

It was scary, especially when lightning came around,

The little boy ran and he cried, it was a frightening sound.

Struck by lightning, he fell down, seeing nothing but a bright light,

Screaming on the ground, he had witnessed a true fright.

Laying there in a frightened look, the little boy shook his head screaming “no, no, no!”

He opened his eyes and looked at his body from head to toe.

Looking around while catching his breath,

He lied in his bed, he was sure he had met the end. DEATH!

The little boy started to shed a tear,

Worst nightmare ever is facing your fear.