The Inbetweeners


We are a group of in-betweens


Too old for childhood

Too young for adulthood

Old enough to know right from wrong

Young enough to not be able to decide for ourselves


In between caring for ourselves and not wise enough to live on our own

In between being handed things and taking what we want

In between having dreams and achieving our dreams

In between learning actions and being labeled for our actions


Going from imagination to harsh reality

Going from too much to too little

Going from “if’s” to “should’s”

Going from being happy with ourselves to not happy enough


Seen as too big for that

Seen as too young to know

Seen as immature

Seen as a reflection of their parent


Too something or another

In between one thing or another

Going from one place to the next

Seen as a child and adult


On this line we walk

The transitioning from A to B

Stuck in the grey area

We are the inbetweeners