Rise of the Seniors

The rise of the sun and the Senior class


     It was a typical first day of school setting. Students were gathered in the hallways reuniting with classmates, trading schedules, and talking about their summers. For the Freshmen, they walked in ready to start the next four years of their high school careers. For the Seniors, they gathered together in the parking lot to watch the sunrise, commemorating the start of their last first day at West Bloomfield High School. There was a palpable wave of excitement in the air. As the music was blasting out of car windows, the students talked enthusiastically about the fun events happening in the upcoming year like homecoming, football games, graduation, and prom. Senior Rachel Zuckerberg said, “It was a great way to kick off the start of senior year. I loved being able to see all of my friends after a long summer with donuts and music.” Another Senior, Jenna Diclemente said, “It was so much fun to get together with your class before senior year officially starts.” Not only was this sunrise the start of a new year for students, but the start of the final chapter of high school for our senior class.