New members of the WB staff 2015-2016

Meet the newest members of the schools staff.


Jake Zinke (Mr. Z)

Jake Zinke is a new speech therapist here at WBHS and has been working in this field for 11 years. Previous to working at WB he taught summer school and started his own business for road rallies and treasure hunts. He is most exited about working with the students here. He has found it difficult finding his way around the school.

Ajay Bedi

Mr. Bedi is teacching Algebra I and is, “Starting my 20th year as a Math Educator in the West Bloomfield School District.” He taught at Abbott Middle School for 19 years.  “I look forward to seeing all of my former students and to see how they have matured since Middle School.  I am very proud of all of them,” is what he is most exited about teaching at the school. GO LAKERS!

Robin Loudermilk

Mrs. Loudermilk will be teaching earth science here at the high school.This is her 18th year in the West Bloomfield district. She has work at WB since she received her degree and also works at Abbott Middle School. When asked what she most looked forward to she responded,”You know,  I have heard many great things about the High School.  I have heard that the administration has done amazing things  for school spirit and student involvement, So it will be great to be a part of that. I have also heard a lot of good things about the High School science department, so it will be a great experience to work with and learn from each other.  Since I also teach  8th grade, I think it will be awesome to be part of or at the “finish line” for seniors  at graduation in June.”

Brooke Hurley

Ms. Hurley is teaching ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and it is her 13th year teaching, her 7th with students with autism. She previously worked in the Pontiac School District for 12 years. She is looking forward to meeting new staff and students.She had to say about her experience so far at the high school, “My experience so far has been great! The staff and students have been so welcoming and I really enjoy my time here!”

Melissa Noon

Ms. Noon is teaching learning strategies and has been teaching for 13 years now.  She used to work in another district in Macomb county. When asked what she was looking forward to she said,”I look forward to experiencing daily life in a school community that has an amazing reputation for success, both in the classroom and out!I’m so grateful to be a part of such an efficient group of adults and eager group of learners!  The motivation and determination of this community is impressive and contagious!”

Samantha Huyghe

She teaches, “RR Basic Math, RR Pre-Algebra, and RR Algebra” and this is her first year teaching. She previously worked as a  “Long-term Substitute Resource Room Teacher at Scotch Elementary School.” She’s looking forward to, “Getting to work with amazing staff members and awesome students.”One struggle she said she is having adjusting to WBHS is, “trying to find all the classrooms and my way around the school.” She added that, “I am super excited to go to sporting events and to hopefully have an opportunity to coach girls lacrosse in the Spring.”

Jaclynn George

 She is a new Counselor this year at WB. She recently started working as a professional Counselor.  George said,  “Before coming here I worked in the First Year Advising office at Oakland University, as a Career Adviser/Counselor, while completing my master’s degree.  Also last year I worked as an Intern Counselor here at West Bloomfield High School, along with filling in at Orchard Lake Middle School as a Long Term Substitute Counselor. ” She is looking forward to working with student’s and helping them through high school. On,”  the topic of struggles getting used to the school she said, “Overall nothing has been truly difficult, except for getting to know all of the wonderful staff here at WBHS.   So far those I have meet have been extremely welcoming and helpful.”