A Laker’s Legacy

An interview with star athlete Trishton Jackson


     Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably already know who Trishton Jackson is. If you still don’t know, then you’re in luck; here’s your crash-course review. Trishton is 17 years old, stands at 6’2, and weighs 185 pounds. More importantly, Jackson is the star of West Bloomfield High School’s Varsity Football and Basketball teams. Recently Spectrum sat down with Jackson to discuss his life, his accomplishments, and his future. In this interview, one can see just how humble Jackson is, and how passionate he is about his sport.


S: Where did your passion for playing football come from?

TJ: “Ever since I was a little kid I would watch the NFL and I always wanted to become famous one day, doing something that I love, so I work hard for it so I can be rich someday.”

S: Who has influenced you the most and why?

TJ: “I think my father has. He’s always in my ear giving me motivational speeches, and he wants what’s best for me and knows that I love playing football. So he helps me out a lot.”

S: How did you feel when you got the offer from Michigan State?

TJ: “I think it was..like it was something I had been waiting for because I worked hard, and Michigan State is my dream school, and so when I got it… I was in awe I guess.”

S: How do you make yourself a better player and person each week?

TJ: “I just try to get better every week at what I’m doing. Practice a lot…either in film or on the field.. I try to pay attention more every week and be a leader for the team”

S: How do you plan on leading your football and basketball teams to success for the rest of this year?

TJ: “Just keep being the leader that I am right now, and keep pushing everybody in practice to work harder so they can succeed, or so we can succeed as a team.”

S: How do you plan to take that leadership to Michigan State as a freshman?

TJ: “To be a leader I was always told you have to want to follow so I’ll probably..or not probably… I’ll look up to the seniors and juniors and people older than me.. and so when I become a Senior and Junior I can also lead too, and lead by example, so I guess be a good listener and work hard as well.”

S: How do you deal with being put in high pressure situations on the court and field?

TJ:  “I just trust my instinct, and for some reason I’m always prepared so like I can be..no matter what circumstance I’m in… I think I always keep my cool and trust my instinct like I said, and get the job done.”

S: What position will you be playing at Michigan State?

TJ: “I will be playing wide receiver. That will be my primary position. I play quarterback now because I think that I’m good with the ball in my hands now, but as I go on I will play receiver in college.”

S: What are your goals after college?

TJ: “I always have a backup plan if I don’t make it to the NFL, it’s my dream, but I think I’ll be a pretty good businessman but I already know my major…I think I want to go into business management, so anything in the business area.”

S: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at West Bloomfield High School?

TJ:  “Anything could happen. I started off freshman quarterback on varsity. My Freshman year we weren’t doing that good. Sophomore year we picked it up, Junior year we had a great season..I’m just trying to carry it on my Senior year and have a good season this year. So I learned that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard.”

S: What do you think is the most fundamental part of having a successful team?

TJ: “Just being a team. Trusting each other, protecting each other, doing everything together, creating a great bond and coming together as one. That’s how you win games, so I think the most important thing is being a team.”

S: How would you describe coach Bellamy and what is it like to play for him?

TJ: “It’s obviously great to play for him because he’s a great coach, but a great mentor on and off the field. He wants us to do better in life as well not just football, but he’s preparing us to do better in life as well like I said, and he’s just a great guy. He’s always looking out for everybody on the team no matter who it is..myself or anybody else, he’s always looking out.”

S: What other colleges did you receive offers from and why did you pick Michigan State?

TJ: “Iowa, Pittsburgh, Michigan…I picked Michigan State because they’re great. They have a great football program right now. They’re coming up..like they’re uprising, and that’s where I feel at home out of all the colleges I went to. I think that I found my home at Michigan State, and It’s my dream school.”

S: How would you compare this year’s football team to the last three years? What changed?

TJ: “I think we definitely came together as a team more. We definitely put in work in the offseason. Like I said, hard work pays off, so it’s paying off this year and last year as well, but I think we have a chance to go farther than we did this year than last year. It’s because of the leadership role other people play.”

S: You said that you think this team could go far this year. How far exactly?

TJ: “Winning leagues, winning districts…I think we can get the job done”

S: Do you have any words of wisdom for your younger teammates?

TJ: “I would say work hard in the offseason, during the season and try to get better every day and every week.”

It is evident that Trishton Jackson is a very talented human being with great things in store for him in the future. Jackson’s leadership qualities will carry him through his college years, and professional career. As for now, the WBHS varsity football team is 5-0 and hopefully will continue this winning streak and excel as a team. We here at Spectrum are all rooting for Jackson to continue to carry the Laker legacy wherever he goes. Good luck Trishton and Go Lakers!