The TUFF Girls of Powder PUFF



The West Bloomfield High School (WBHS)  juniors and seniors pulled a Freaky Friday (a role reversal) at the annual Powder Puff game on October 7th, 2015. The Powder Puff game was ran by Mr. Smith. This year the WBHS Seniors won the Powder Puff game, yet again, for the fourth year in a row with a score of 17-7. The game lasted about an hour and twenty-five minutes, but within that short period of time the crowd and cheerleaders managed to stay hype, energetic, and spirited as they cheered on their class.  “This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’m so glad that I got to be apart of it. I can’t wait to join again next year as a senior. It was so much fun and I highly encourage others to play as well. Let’s Go Juniors!” stated Allie Pufahl a WBHS Junior who participated in the game. “The Powder puff Football game was a great way to bring class spirit to homecoming spirit week. It was a fun night filled with competition, unity, and laker pride. I loved spending time with my peers, and getting to know each person a little more. Both Juniors and Seniors were hard working and aggressive. Watch out class of ’18, you’re going down.” – Jasmine Hollins (Junior). “I had a great time cheering on my friends during the Powder Puff game. It was great seeing the girls get down and dirty, and seeing the boys cheer. I had a great time.” -Bobby Hairston (Senior)

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