Rise and Shine in the Swamp

Lakers woke up bright and early to be featured on Local 4.


Laker Pride was absolutely infectious on the morning of Friday, October 23rd, as the Swamp gathered bright and early for a rousing 5:00 am pep rally.  West Bloomfield High School  earned the honor of hosting  Local 4’s weekly Friday Football Frenzy. Many students were originally turned off by the before dawn call time, but WBHS still had an excellent turn out. According to Principal Watson, upwards of 800 students showed up to be featured on Local 4’s earliest news program, and were fueled by the free donuts while cheering on the L Boyz. Never in Principal Watson’s 22 years at the school has he seen such student involvement in the school as there has been this year. Pep assemblies are now events that most students  attend instead of skip. Sports games are packed with students. The overflowing school spirit can be felt in every corner of the school. During the week before the pep assembly, Lakers voted in droves to beat out other area schools for Local 4’s coveted television coverage. This week was especially important because it is the last week of Friday Frenzy, making it the most important coverage during high school football season! Viewers from all over Southeastern Michigan and parts of Ontario were able to see Lakers display their awesome amount of spirit and school pride in preparation for the evening’s game against Harrison High School.  Senior Robbie Reid had the opportunity to be interviewed by Local 4 during the pep assembling which was shown on TV the morning of the game. “It was awesome to show our support just within our community, because obviously West Bloomfield knows how involved we are with the community, but to even get that further out to the whole state of Michigan is pretty cool,” said Reid on his chance to represent the school on live TV. WB and The Swamp are constantly winning “Best in Michigan” votes due to the enthusiastic student body. When Senior Fadi Yousif was asked why West Bloomfield continues to win these contests he stated, “We are a better school, we are not only better in sport we are better in education. We have an amazing staff and student body.”

Not only is WB getting news treatment, but has also landed a spot on the popular social networking app Snapchat’s weekly Varsity Nights snapchat. Every week during High School football season, Snapchat selects a couple of high school football teams and puts together a collection of student’s snapchats from the game. They even provide each school with awesome geofilters to showcase their school pride. Both West Bloomfield and Harrison High have this privilege.  Everyone in the country who has the Snapchat app can see snaps made by West Bloomfield students.WBHS earned this privilege through the same voting that gained the TV coverage. With over 1,400 votes towards the school, Snapchat chose WB to be one of the select schools to gain this amazing and extremely fun opportunity.

The game on Friday night was  one filled with excitement. It was televised, broadcasted by students on Snapchat, and a chance to continue the perfect record WB has been working so hard to keep this season. Watson expected it to be a close game seeing as Harrison’s record is almost as perfect as WB’s. A monumental evening for the high school was definitely in store.