Small Hands, Helping A Big World

A look inside of the Interact Club of West Bloomfield


There is no better way to interact and make a difference in your community, than to join and participate in the gracious and generous deeds of the Interact Club of West Bloomfield. The Interact Club, a branch off of the world renowned Rotary Club, serves as a comforting presence in the community. Whether it is satisfying a need or an act of support for the community, the Interact Club is always there to deliver its helping hand.

In just the club’s first few weeks in operation for the year, they have supported the start of the season of giving by visiting the Heartland Rehabilitation Center of West Bloomfield. The club spent time creating cards wishing the residents good health and a happy Halloween. Upon receiving Halloween well wishing cards, the patients seemed to be delighted and in better spirits. It was evident in the happy looks on their faces and gratitude in their voices. Their days were brightened by the simple acts of kindness by the Interact Club. At one point in time, nobody was sure who was having more fun, the members of the Interact Club or the patients receiving the warm wishes. Interact Club member, Jason Israilov (sophomore) reflected by saying, “It made me feel good spreading Halloween spirt and making someone’s day even if it was only through a simple gesture like a card and a happy visit.”



The Interact Club looks forward to continuing its service to the community by planning an array of events for the upcoming holiday season. The club hopes to reach out to members of the community by volunteering at a local food bank in order to help those who are in need of a nice, warm, nutritious holiday meal. In addition, the club will be organizing a can drive in selected locations to help satisfy the overwhelming need for food during this holiday season. In the future, Interact of West Bloomfield hopes to broaden its borders and further its reach to faraway places, such as Costa Rica and even the African continent. By doing so, they hope to not only help those in their local community, but positively impact some of the world’s neediest locations. President, Rishabh Parekh (sophomore) explained, “To expand the outreach of the club we plan to attract members who notice our work in the community and share the gratifying passion to volunteering for our causes and in turn want to join as well. The Rotary Club of WB helps us in organizing community events such as our Halloween Cards project, Thanksgiving can drive, and our International Project in Sunderji’s Special Needs school in India. Though our betterment of the community we will hopefully gain new membership.”

The Interact Club of West Bloomfield always has its arms open to new members and volunteers to make an even greater impact in the world in which surrounds us. The club not only offers a life changing experience, but the immediate results of feeling better about oneself due to the countless number of thoughtful acts of kindness. Katie Rockett (sophomore) described her inspiration for joining by explaining, “I loved the idea of helping people throughout my community and getting involved; I’ve never had an opportunity like that before and I’m willing to do anything I can to make a change.” Harshini Murali (sophomore) added, “Helping people in the community, and getting to meet new people.”



The executive board features numerous West Bloomfield High School students, including Rishabh Parekh (President), Ari Felhandler (Vice President, sophomore), Jason Israilov (Media), Katie Rockett (Publications), and Ross Abbasi (Treasurer, junior).

For more details, please contact Ari Felhandler ([email protected])