Love’s cycle

Loves cycle

A gentle smile snares your attention. A couple laughs and you are hooked. Slowly your chest opens and your heart is free for that gentle smile to see. The cold air thrilling your heart. That gentle smile told promises of never causing pain, but the second it saw your heart open and beating for what it truly was, that gentle smile lashed out and cut your open heart. With blood gushing you attempt to comprehend how such a gentle smile with sweet promises could do such a thing to you. You promise to never get taken away by a beautiful face and sweet words. You close your chest again and build up walls to shield your healing heart who never wants to feel the thrilling air again. But then a set of pretty eyes catch yours. Those pretty eyes tell you that this time it will be different and you believe them. So down come your walls and your chest opens up. You heart trembles at the cold air touching it for the first time in years. The scar from the last hit still angry on its surface. Yet you let your heart be seen by those pretty eyes, caught up in their glittering beauty, not caring about how open you are.