The First president of many achievements

Obama just became the first President to appear on an LGBT Magazine


President Obama recently appeared on the cover of OUT Magazine, making him not only the first African American President, as well as the first sitting U.S leader to be photographed for the cover of an LGBT title. President Obama appears in the magazine’s annual list of influential people in the LGBT community. Michael Hickin, Out magazines editor-in- chief conducted an interview with President Obama for the article in which the President discussed his input and life influences with the LGBT community. “Part of being American is having a responsibility to stand up for freedom-not just our own freedom..Our individual stories come together to make one large American story” stated Obama. Hickin commented on this by saying that this is “A historic moment in itself, and a statement on how much his admission has done to advance a singular volatile issue that tarnished the reputation for both President Clinton and President Bush.” Out Magazine also features soccer player Abby Wamback, activist Deray Mckesson, actress Cynthia Nixon, and former athlete and TV personality Caitlyn Jenner.