Red Cup Blow Up

Starbucks new red cup design sparks drama


For the start of their 2015 winter season Starbucks released a brand new red cup design. The tradition of releasing a new cup each season was first established in 2005 when all cups featured a white string of lights and the quote, “It only happens once a year.” The following years also have featured festive drawings and decorations to celebrate the holidays, but this year, the design is a minimalistic red cup featuring the Starbucks logo in green. Following the release of the design, social media blew up with different opinions and ideas about the cup.


Many Christians took to media to express their opinions and claimed that the cup was offensive to the Christmas holiday and threatened to not purchase their coffee. One of the most famous rants was by social media star Joshua Feuerstien who claimed, “Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.” Feuerstein also encouraged people to say their names were ‘Merry Christmas’ to trick the baristas into writing the festive saying on their cup. Even 2015 presidential candidate Donald Trump had to weigh in his opinion, proposing a boycott against the company. Starbucks responded to the criticism by saying the cup represents, “A blank slate for customers to tell christmas stories in their own way.”

Due to the controversy, Spectrum took to interviewing some of West Bloomfield High School’s students to hear out their ideas on the big debate. Ian Marosi (sophomore) said, “Honestly I think it’s just kinda being blown out of proportion, it’s just the color of a cup. I feel like people just like to complain about things that aren’t really relevant. No one makes you go to Starbucks, you can go somewhere else. I think it’s stupid.”  Emma Long (freshman) added, “It’s still the colors red and green which are considered Christmas colors.” Spectrum also chatted with avid starbucks drinker and science teacher Mr.Smith who said, “I think it’s ridiculous. I think the cups look awesome the way they do now, even the sleeves have like a powdery snow look to them so they look nice, and I think the red is sleek and gives it a nice holiday feel.”


Everyone Spectrum interviewed seemed to agree that the situation was not important and the argument was invalid. When things like poverty and war are going on in the world, it’s hard to understand why just one cup can become such a big deal.