TOP 10: Winter Movies



Winter holds to be one of the best seasons for movies. Getting cozied up and watching movies with friends and family is the perfect way to spend time with this season. These movies all hold the spirit of Winter.
10. Ice Age: Back when the Earth was being overrun by glaciers and animals were scurrying to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age, a sloth named Sid, a woolly mammoth named Manny, and a saber-toothed tiger named Diego are forced to become unlikely heroes. The three reluctantly come together when they have to return a human child to its father while braving the deadly elements of the impending Ice Age.

9. Happy Feet: This is the story of a little penguin named Mumble who has a terrible singing voice and later discovers he has no Heartsong. However, Mumble has an astute know that, without a Heartsong, Mumble may never find true love. As fate would have it, his friend, Gloria, happens to be the best singer around. Mumble and Gloria have a connection from the moment they hatch, but she struggles with his strange “hippity- hoppity” ways. Mumble is just too different, especially for Noah the elder, the stern leader of Emperor Land, who ultimately casts him out of the community. Away from home for the first time, Mumble meets a posse of decidedly un-Emperor-like penguins; the Adelie Amigos. Led by Ramon, the Adelies instantly embrace Mumble’s cool dance moves and invite him to party with them.

8. Eight Below: Three members of an expedition team are forced to leave behind their team of sled dogs when unexpected harsh weather causes a sudden accident. Jerry Shepard, his best friend Cooper and an American geologist are forced to leave the Antarctic wasteland with their beloved dog team behind. The team of dogs is forced to fight for survival in the perilous weather conditions, and worst of all, without the three people they relied on.

7. Love Actually: The story follows the nine intertwined lives connected by one emotion: love. Taking place during the holiday season, the story highlights the different ways love can affect and bring people together during the holidays.

6. Polar Express: On Christmas Eve, a young boy boards a magical train embarking on a journey to the North Pole. On the train, the boy encounters other kids wearing pajamas, a corky Train Conductor and some other unexpected characters. The doubting boy learns once again what it is to experience and relish in what it feels like to experience and believe in the true meaning of Christmas. Self-discovery and exploration leads the boy into experiencing the beauty of what believing can bring.

5. Home Alone: It is Christmas time and the McCallister family is preparing for a vacation in Paris, France. But the youngest in the family, Kevin, was sent to his room on the third floor of the house after a family conflict. The next morning, while the family was rushing to leave for the airport, Kevin was mistakenly left at home. Kevin was overjoyed with his new freedom. Kevin discovers two burglars, Harry and Marv, planning to rob his house on Christmas Eve. Kevin acts quickly by wiring his own house with makeshift booby traps to stop the burglars and to bring them to justice.

4. A Christmas Carol: Although the joyful season of Christmas is underway, and feelings of warmth and festivity are in the air, Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t want to take part in any of it. While London eagerly awaits the holiday, Scrooge despises the whole idea of Christmas. Taking no pity on his faithful clerk or cheerful nephew, he places his Scrooge on Christmas Eve warning him of the visitations of three ghosts. The three ghosts take Scrooge into his Present, Future, and Past and help transform his bitterness into hope and cheer.

3. A Christmas Story: Nine year-old Ralphie Parker has one thing on his christmas wish bitterness and unkindness upon them. The ghost of his late business partner visits list: A red Carbine Action Rifle. The wish is rejected by his mother, his teacher Miss Fields, and even a department store Santa Claus. On christmas morning, after opening all of his presents, Ralph is disappointed to find that he didn’t receive the one thing he wanted most. His Father then reveals that their was one present remaining to open, and Ralph opens it to find the best present he has ever received and will ever receive.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Clark Griswold wants everything aspect of Christmas to be perfect, which includes pestering his wife and kids to keep everything in line. Clark goes over the top to have the best decorations, and christmas tree. Things begin to go awry quickly and Clark struggles with unplanned family visits, and crazy family members. As Clark fights to make Christmas the best Christmas yet and earn the holiday bonus at work, their family is brought closer together in spirit of Christmas.

1.Frozen: When an eternal Winter is struck upon their kingdom, Anna, her mountaineer companion, Kristoff, and his reindeer sidekick, Sven embark upon a journey to find Elsa, Anna’s sister. Anna, who recently discovered the full extent of her icy powers runs from the kingdom after unleashing her powers among the kingdom and its people. Hoping to find Elsa and revoke the curse of eternal winter Anna, Kristoff, and Sven set off on an expedition to revoke the cure and save their kingdom.