The Bright Future of Spectrum

Spectrum Continues its Growth


This year several new students joined Spectrum, the West Bloomfield High School Student Newspaper. One of the new students, freshman, Emma Lundgren explained, “I first joined Spectrum for the creative writing part but as time went along, I found out I actually enjoyed Spectrum a lot more than I thought I would. I honed my craft of writing and I feel like I’ve created a bond with the school and the students.” Jo Fograrasi, also a freshman, said, “I like Spectrum. It’s a lot of fun to write interesting articles and I like to bond with all the other writers.” Moriah Rutherford, a sophomore involved with Spectrum shared, “My favorite part of Spectrum is the people because everyone is there for help. When I first joined, I was really nervous because I didn’t know a thing about journalism. Everyone has been really helpful and kind, and they push me to reach success.” Spectrum ranges from all grades, 9th to 12th. Senior Arianna Heyman expressed her thoughts on Spectrum, “It gives me a great opportunity to work on my skills as a journalist before I ever enter the industry. It also opens a lot of doors, and so far I’ve learned a lot.” As of now, Spectrum is small and remains to be somewhat undetected by the students at West Bloomfield High School. However, as Spectrum continues to get new students who will sharpen their writing skills, it will continue to grow and become more known to the student body. Ari Felhandler, a sophomore in Spectrum who’s editing role is crucial to the class, chimed in with his thoughts for the future of Spectrum saying, “I am very optimistic due to the path which Spectrum is taking. Each and every day new ideas are implemented, which will provide for future innovation. We’ve grown and improved substantially as a family, as well as an online publication.” Spectrum is truly a wonderful opportunity to increase writing skills and to meet new people who have the same aspirations as the writers currently in Spectrum. Having people who share the same goals as others can help drive them to success and make them better not only academically, but as a person.