Barbie Boy Frenzy

Barbie put a boy in an Ad for the first time ever, and people are going crazy.


This week Matel released a commercial for their newest doll, Moschino Barbie. People are losing their mind because for the first time in 56 years barbie is making a little boy the face of their company. Barbie teamed up with the Italian design house Moschino, to create their newest doll. Naturally, this full of spirit little boy racked up quite a fan base with hundreds of people tweeting out their support for him. On the contrary, there are many people who believe the ad reinforces gender stereotypes instead of trying to break them. Jason Meadows tweeted, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Barbie including males into their consumer base, but does anyone else feel like this particular boy is perpetuating homosexual stereotypes (“So fierce,” the wink, and what not)? I might just be overthinking it” and ended up getting over 52 likes and 13 agreeing responses. Though the ad does not state the sexuality of the young boy, many are jumping to conclusions. An anonymous woman from California states, “The boys flamboyant attitude, and ‘fierce’ wink makes it out as though he is gay, enforcing that this doll is only for girls and gay children.” Having boys in ‘female’ commercials has been a very controversial topic for many years, and the opinions on it are split half and half. Check out the video that started a lot of controversial discussion  here.

Naturally, the charismatic little dude has spawned a fanbase.