New Year, New WB

WBHS New Years resolutions


Madison Ruiz and Sarah Mashigan

New years resolutions offer many a fresh start to healthy habits.  New Years resolutions are decisions to change something about your everyday life whether it be something personal, or social. Though many have strong intentions to pursue their resolutions, they are often broken by temptations and lack of perseverance. The West Bloomfield High School Spectrum staff sat down with multiple students and staff members to ask them what their New Years resolutions are.

“I plan to study more and get good grades this year!”- Taylor Christensen (Sophomore)

“I want to be able to take more time at home, less time at work to spend with family, I want to cut my work load down by an hour or two.” -Eric Pace (Vice Principal)

“This year I plan to save more of my money, and try not to spend it on stuff that I do not need” -Vanessa Meyers (Junior)

“I hope to study more and eat healthier this year” -Kira Sivak (Junior”

“This year I want to get better grades, and study more so that I can get into a good college like my brother” -Allie Pufahl (Junior)

“This year I want to study really hard and attend tutoring more so that I am prepared for the SAT/ACT so that I can get into my choice college”-Jenna Rainey (Junior)

“I plan to get at least five hours of sleep total, because right now It’s a struggle.”-Ava Barnthouse (Sophomore)

“I plan to be a better person, and spend more time with my family”- Celine Foster (Junior)