Laker Sports Line

Week of December 30- January 2

Laker Sports Line

This week on Laker Sports Line was a relatively light one with only a few games happening.

Boys Varsity Basketball faced opponent Southfield High School on December 30. Unfortunately, they lost a tough game by only a small margin, 64-70. Trishton Jackson (senior) led the team scoring with 26 points. Kevin McAdoo (junior) scored 17 points and Alec Sandberg (senior) scored 10 points to add to the Lakers’ total, but these three strong efforts were not enough.

The varsity Hockey team took the ice against Birmingham Unified on January 2. This game was hard fought throughout and was a disappointing loss for the Lakers as they were inches away from a win. In the 3-4 loss, Cam Dickinson (senior), an absolute beast on the ice, scored 2 goals against Birmingham. Drew Warnecke (senior) also scored a goal for the Lakers. The Lakers were almost victorious in a battle and it was tough to swallow, but you can’t win ’em all.

The Lakers had a rough week, not winning any games. There is always next week and between now and then, the Lakers look to make improvements in their gameplay. Make sure to come back next week for more Laker Sports Line!