Six Second Sensation

An interview with Vine famous Kenny Knox


Arianna Heyman, Writer

     In what feels like a short span of time, Kenny Knox has turned his hobby of creating vines into what is now viral content. Vine is a popular social media app that allows people to create videos within the time frame of six seconds. The goal is to try to make the most creative and funny videos in that short amount of time. Undoubtedly, Knox has achieved this goal and his many followers prove this. He currently has 675.7k on Vine, 15.1k on Twitter, and 79.1k on Instagram,  in addition, he currently has 493,610,226 Vine loops, His vines are so popular that Knox is sometimes just called “Vine famous Kenny” in the halls of West Bloomfield. Recently, Spectrum sat down with Knox to discuss his Vine fame and what to expect from him in the future.


S: When did you first discover vine?

“I discovered Vine in 2013, and I thought it was really funny and there was a lot of creative people on the app.”


S: Why did you decide to start making vines?

“Well some of my friends, me, and Reggie (Bullock) wanted to become Vine famous because like, I always had like…  a scheme to try to get famous or to make money, and it never worked out. I just got stuck to it and it’s worked out for me.”


[vine id=”eFn0O1tDUgW”] 

(If Robin and Luigi joined forces)

S: What made you want to continue?

“I never was a quitter. I feel like once I start doing something, I’m gonna keep on going. I wanted to prove people wrong who didn’t believe in me and who said I couldn’t be anything. I kept on going and having fun on the app, and it turned out to be a success.”


S: What was a “milestone” moment for you?

“Two big milestones on Vine were when I first hit 100k followers, and when I hit 500k followers. That’s like a big thing on Vine for me.”


[vine id=”ejAIODaEZ9j”]

(PBS and Chill)


S: What opportunities has this brought you?

“Meeting new people, meeting new friends, getting noticed by famous people, and being on their pages. Also, getting signed and making money for my videos.”


S: Do you ever feel pressured to be funny?

“No, because if you are funny it comes naturally. It shouldn’t be too hard for me to be funny, because if you are already funny it should come naturally to you. So forcing it is terrible.”


[vine id=”eV7daq2W1pb”]

(Seeing yourself in the future)


S: How does it make you feel when people recognize you?

“It was weird at first, but now it’s humbling and is really cool to meet my supporters who like my work.”


S: Has your success as a viner surprised you?

“No. The reason why I say no is because I kept going, and I wouldn’t quit. In the summer I posted every single day just so I could get to where I am now, and it paid off.”


S: Will you continue to make vines? What is a goal you are trying to reach?
“Yes I will continue making vines, I will make vines until the app crashes and stops working. My goal for Vine is to hit 1,000,000 followers, and I will hit 1,000,000 followers before I graduate.”

(When your little brother watching a childish show but you honestly like it.)

S: How has it affected your life at school and at home?

“My parents support me now and let me record vines in the house anywhere I want now. At first, they were like, ‘stop making all that noise’ and screaming and stuff, but now they see a big impact I played on people. They don’t really mind it anymore. People at school, you just gotta watch who you hangout with because you don’t want to have fake friends just because you’re social media famous. Always stay with the circle you had before the fame and all that.”


S: What are your plans after high school?

“Go to college. Continue making videos on all platforms. Hopefully write a few movies down the road, and possibly be on TV.”

(How moms be when you go out to eat)


S: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Probably living in California with a family, doing what I love. Being an award winning director and actor.”


S: How has vine changed your life?

“Vine changed my life by people looking at me now as an entertainer, role model, great person and it made me have to look at situations different. I have to grow up, like I can’t tweet stupid things on social media. I have to be a role model, so Vine helped me to be a role model for younger people and have a positive impact on people.”


S: What is something you want to say to anyone trying to become successful through social media?

“Have fun and don’t do it for the followers. It’s all about having fun and having a positive impact on people.”


     Knox has proven to everyone that you can achieve success through hard work and determination. There are many admirers of his work, like Senior Taylor Klassen, who says, “He’s really funny, and I think his vines are more original than some of the other viners.” Unsurprisingly, Knox was voted Social Media King for his class mock elections, and we here at Spectrum wish him luck with all of his future endeavors and hope that he accomplishes all of the goals he has set for himself.


To see more of Kenny’s vines: