Say Ahoy To Sailing

Consider Joining Sailing This Spring Season

Emma Lundgren, writer

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Are you interested in joining a sport this spring season? Are you a hard worker who enjoys competing? If so, consider joining sailing! Sailing is a Varsity and Junior Varsity sport, and is offered during the spring and fall seasons. Sailing is a very physically demanding and expensive sport, so proper thought needs to go in before deciding to join the team. Members on the Varsity team will also participate in regattas every weekend where they will compete with other schools in the state. “Regattas are a lot of fun, you get to meet and socialize with other students across the state as well as bond with your teammates while competing,” says Nicole Millerman, freshman and co-captain of the team. Sailing practice happens, on average, 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and an occasional Saturday; schedules are very flexible. You are required to have at least a 1.7 gpa to join. Please note that along with the payments to the team you will also be required to buy additional gear.


if you have any questions; or are interested in joining, please contact:


Nicole Millerman (co-captain)

[email protected]


[email protected]

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