Special Ed Student Artists Speak Out


Lauryn Azu

Recently, new student artwork has appeared on the walls of WBHS. Cartoon sketches of WBHS administrators and staff can be seen in the counseling office or in the 600s hallway. The artist of these drawings is Harold Carey, and he is a student of Ms. Shafran in WBHS’ Special Education department. Many students in WBHS’ Special EducationDepartment have creative talents, such as Harold’s friends Valor Croff and Shane Blackburn. The three of them, all juniors, express themselves through different mediums and styles. Spectrum sat down to interview each of these talented students, in order to hear their take on the art they create.


S: What do you like to create and why?


Shane: “I like to draw dinosaurs, dragons, and Power Rangers.”


Valor: “I like to draw Lego Minifigures. It’s been two and a half years since I’ve started,

I started in 8th grade, and now I’ve drawn over a hundred Lego Minifigures.”


Harold: “I like to draw everything! I just like drawing everything because I like designing. Sometimes Ms. Shafran asks me to draw a teacher and I design them in different ways, like cartoon versions.”


According to student Hunter Griffin, senior, Shane is also quite talented with ceramics and has made many ceramic figures of the characters he enjoys.


S: How do you feel about your art?


Shane: “Pretty good.”


Valor: “I feel kinda good about my drawings. Actually, I feel nice.”


Harold: “Well, I feel like I got talent, like I have a gift. My mom always wanted me to go to college for drawing. I feel like I can show my drawings to the world, so people will know I’ve got something that I’m good at.”


S: How did you learn how to make the art you create?


Valor: “When I first drew Legos, I think I drew my first Lego figure in Mr. Jones’ art class in middle school.”


Harold: “I learned how to draw on my own. Since I was three years old, I’ve been drawing on walls and I’ve been practicing my drawings more when I was a kid. The more I practice the more I can get better. I want to keep doing that in the future, so I can be better.”


S: What do you want West Bloomfield High School students to know about you from your art?


Valor: “I want them to say that they’re awesome!”


Shane: “I want them to think they’re amazing!”


Harold: “I want them to know that I’m more than just one person who can draw. I can do anything, I can design anything for them, I can draw cartoons if they want. Like if a person wants me to draw Spongebob, I can do that. I want them to know that I can draw anything.”


If you are interested in seeing more art by Special Education students, stop by Ms. Shafran’s room to see all of the amazing art featured below: