The Frustration of Finals


Ryan Horwitz

With finals approaching next week, the atmosphere at West Bloomfield High School is filled with stress, nerves, and teens at their breaking point. As intimidating as finals are, there are numerous ways to decrease the amount of stress and anxiety provided by finals. For freshmen who are looking to find help studying for finals there is Exam Jam, which is held after school. Sophomores and upperclassmen can form study groups, stay after school for tutoring, or attend teacher-organized reviews hosted by some teachers. There are several roads to success, not just one. Everybody has their own way of reaching success, so it is important to do what works for that individual. No matter what the outcome of finals, do not give up. Even if the grade a student desires is not attained, do not quit. There are ways to elevate a student’s grade including extra credit and just working harder and pushing themselves to get better. There are AP classes that can raise their GPA. If a student does not get the grade they were hoping to receive or cannot reach the grade they worked endlessly for, they should not give up. Grades do not mean everything, although they are very important. This is not to say grades are not important and that students should not work towards their academic goals, because that is not what this article is saying AT ALL. The important thing is to keep going and not to give up after getting a grade that a student was not expecting. It is important for students to continue working and give it their all, because at the end of the day when they give it their all, there is nothing else they can do. Giving the best effort possible is the most important thing. Finals are only twice a year for four years until college. There is always room for improvement.