Art Club




WBHS Art club is an opportunity for students who have developed an interest in art to grow their abilities. The artistic talent of the students of in WBHS’ Special Education department are not a secret. Students Harold Carey, Shane Blackburn, and Valor Croff are proud of their amazing work being on display all around the school. But not as easily seen, is the fact that these students are continuing to improve their artistic abilities through their participation and hard work in Art Club. This exciting club is run by Ms. Molly Marshall WBHS and Abbott Middle School Art teacher. Marshall commented on how having the boys in their club are making the experience better, “The students usually have their own unique twist to the project and the other students like to see how they will complete the work.” They are students who have found a place in the art world and have wanted to continue. When speaking to Blackburn, he expressed his reasons for being in the club,” I am excited about trying new things.” His enthusiasm about his art is very apparent. Blackburn enjoys making 3D art in addition to his drawings, calling it play art. His works usually center around animals and his absolute favorite animal, Dinosaurs. The boys are filled with an excitement for art. They are valuable and treasured additions to art club who have a vision unique art.