All About the Chem Club

Showcasing the fun side of a rigorous subject, the Chemistry Club welcomes all who are interested in learning more about chemistry!

Chemistry Club members having fun at the Mole Day breakfast!

Chemistry Club members having fun at the Mole Day breakfast!

Avani Samandur

The Chemistry Club is a club where students have fun with chemistry and learn more about it through hands-on activities, Kahoot games, jeopardy, reading articles on chemistry, field trips and many other fun and helpful chemistry related activities.

On Friday October 23rd, the Chemistry Club held a Mole Day breakfast for its members, and many members dressed up in Mole Day themed attire to promote the Mole. Mole Day is celebrated in honor of Avogadro’s Number, 6.02 x 1023,  which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. In one “mole” of any substance, there are generally 6.02 x 1023 particles (Avogadro’s number). Mole Day was created to spark students interests in chemistry and to make chemistry fun. The Chemistry Club also made silly putty as a fun after school relaxation activity, and often plays kahoot at their meetings. Kahoot is an online game that the executive board members create and the club members play. Recently, the Chemistry Club read and discussed articles about the Flint water troubles to show how chemistry is relevant in today’s world.

To help students who are in chemistry classes, the Chemistry Club often holds tutoring/study sessions after school in Mrs. Ismail’s room. Students really feel the benefit of these sessions, like Blake Bordelove. Bordelove is a sophomore at West Bloomfield High School, and said that, “Mrs. Ismail and the AP chemistry students were super helpful. I learned so much and became a lot more prepared for the test the next day,” after attending a chemistry club tutoring session. Feel free to join if you need help in chemistry or feel that you could benefit from some extra help!

The Chemistry Club will also begin to prepare students for the local Chemistry Olympiad competition on March 17th. After the local Chemistry Olympiad competition, selected students move on to the National Chemistry Olympiad competition, and the 20 top-scoring students at the National level are invited to attend a two week study camp at the United States Air Force Academy. Any high school students who are United States citizens or legal permanent residents are welcome to compete. For more information on the Chemistry Olympiad competition, see Mrs. Ismail or Mrs. Matynowski, or check out their website at . The club is also going on a field trip to the Cryobalance Center in Birmingham soon!

If you are interested in learning more about chemistry, how chemistry plays a role in our daily lives, and having fun while doing it, stop into one of the Chemistry Club meetings after school on Tuesday’s in Mrs. Ismail’s room! Or, for more information, contact the sponsors Mrs. Mervet Ismail ([email protected]), or Mrs. Karen Matynowski ([email protected]).