We Want to be ARTISTS


Reilly Card

Since the Renaissance women have been told to inspire art not create it. They listened until they could no longer listen. Taking the rage, the power the painters saw and took it off the canvas; took it to the streets in an effort to not only be art but the makers of it too. Still today women must fight to make art. They are still something to be looked at not something that takes action. Women so desperately feel that they must be beautiful enough to inspire art that they change their body. Painting, carving and influencing their bodies all for the sake of a man’s art. Feminism wants women to be able to step off the modeling block and paint. All they want is the chance to have their art in a gallery next to van Gough, Picasso, Monet, Dali, Rembrandt, and all the other gods of art. They want thier view of the world to be seen and recorded for history.

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We are here and we want to be artists.