The Harsh Facts Of Hollywoods Diversity

Diversity and statistics in Hollywood


Madison Ruiz

Diversity is a widely discussed topic in the Media whether it be in television shows, movies, or music. Hollywood itself is a very diverse area, but the entertainment that is made in hollywood is far from it. In the entertainment industry there are far more male speaking roles compared to girls. On average Men make up over 73% of the Speaking roles and women make up a little over 28%. When it comes to race and ethnicity the majority of colored speaking parts were played by men. Men are favored more than woman in the entertainment industry. In addition to women making up a little more than a quarter of all speaking roles, they create LESS than 25% of all television shows. Women are not the only people subject to prejudice in the entertainment industry, approximately less than 2% of speaking characters surveyed have identified as LGBT.

“I think that young white men definitely have an advantage in the industry because of institutionalized prejudice in hollywood. Women don’t get as many roles because in our society we are raised to see women as two dimensional which is why the women we see on screen should have the same qualities as women in real life.” stated Lauryn Azu a West Bloomfield High School Sophomore.

USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism created a survey that measured how diverse Hollywood really is based on a recent hashtag that went viral #OscarsSoWhite. Overall, in their study they found that half of the films and TV shows they analyzed had little to no Asian speaking characters and more than one-fifth of them had little to no black characters with dialogue.  Along with that a mere 2 percent of speaking characters identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual, and more than half the LGBT characters in all the films they examined came from two movies. The conductors of this survey concluded that Hollywood is not a very Diverse industry, and that the only way to move out of its prejudice borders they should start off by setting goals that accommodate more than one specific group of people in different forms of entertainment.