Dear Seniors,

The struggle is real.


Brenna Birr

School is like rowing a canoe. You push off the shore and start school when you’re fresh, unknowing what’s going to happen. As you’re rowing there are rough spots and spots where you can relax and take a breath. When you get nearer to your destination, you are already so exhausted that you think “I have enough speed to just coast to the shore”.

Everyone knows the curse of senioritis, even if they haven’t been affected by it themselves. And now that it’s second semester, it’s even worse for those who are affected by it. Class sizes seem to diminish as the weeks go on, and the amount of effort in work seems to deflate as the days tick by.The most common factor to this is, “I’m ready to be done with high school,”. But we can’t give up just yet, we have to keep rowing.

All your hard work for the past four years can’t be for nothing. Even though you may already be accepted to a college or have a plan after high school is over, that doesn’t mean that you’re done just yet. You see the shore, but you can’t stop until you’re already there or else you’ll just coast, which will take longer than if you just put in the little extra effort. These next few weeks, you need to push yourself harder than you ever have. Get to school, turn in your homework, study for that test, do what you need to do to end your high school experience on a good note.