Dancing With the Lakers: West Bloomfield High School’s Poms Seniors!


Neil Haran

The poms team at West Bloomfield High School has always been a crowd favorite. By providing countless hours of exciting, fast-paced performances, the team works tirelessly to perfect their routines. At WBHS, the Poms team performs during football and basketball seasons, including different routines for the homecoming pep rally, guy-girl Poms, the Christmas kickline, etc. Many of these performances hold a special place in WBHS tradition. The Poms team is a staple at all of the homecoming pep rallies in West Bloomfield’s recent history. Additionally, the team performs a Christmas kick line dance routine that is a 15 year old tradition. For their last performance of the year, the seniors wear their college shirts and each one of them has a solo within the routine, an excellent way to show off their future schools while also showcasing their impressive abilities.

Not only is Poms a central part of WBHS’s festivities, it’s also a competitive sports team and community. Rachel Finkel, a member of the Poms team said,”I loved being on the poms team because it gave me a sense of belonging in the school and created school pride I would’ve never had if I weren’t on the team.” In their competition at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the team received an impressive 4th place ranking. Captain, Rachel Zuckerberg, states, “This was my favorite Poms season by far! Being captain was a great experience and we had a really strong team that bonded so well with each other. We had awesome routines and an overall great season.”