2,4,6,8 The WBHS cheerleaders Graduate!

Bon Voyage WBHS competitive cheerleaders!

2,4,6,8 The WBHS cheerleaders Graduate!

Madison Ruiz

With the School year coming to an end, and seniors getting antsy to leave it is expected that they will  be filled with cheer, but that is not the case for the West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) Competitive cheer team who call themselves family. The  WBHS competitive cheer teams seniors will sadly be graduating to pursue their futures.

“My favorite thing about competitive cheer is the feeling I get when walking into competitions. I get a rush of adrenaline and I love it because I know It will make me try my best. I have been apart of cheer since my sophomore year of highschool. My greatest memory in cheerleading is the day I accomplished a back tuck. It was something I was always scared to do it but I finally faced my fears and I felt amazing. Cheerleading has shaped me as an individual because it has always been the one thing I’ve always been really good at Cheerleading has made me an over all confident person both on the Matt and which myself.  It has taught  me that even when I’m down, I need to always have a positive mood and smile, because the more you smile the happier you are!” Julia Kassel (Senior). Kassel brings her good attitude with her everywhere she goes and reflects it on the people around her.

“My favorite thing about sideline season is that it’s like a season long warm up to help me get ready for comp season and I love cheering our team and seeing them succeed. my favorite thing about comp season is that I love bonding with my team and watching them grow with me… I’ve been cheering since 7th grade, I took a break junior year and decided to do it my last year in highschool…my greatest memory was probably getting my nose broken…I’ve loved cheer since I was little, I’ve been in every sport and I’ve never loved them as much as I love cheer. I feel like cheer has had a big impact on my life. I feel like being on so many different teams and meeting so many different people and having them become like family, especially in the past two seasons, to me has helped me through so much. They’ve helped me become a better person.” Salina Rice (Senior). Cheer has had a big impact on Rice’s’ Life, she hopes to take the impact that was put on her, onto other people.

The WBHS Competitive cheerleaders are starting to pack their bags and start their new lives, their spirited attitudes and bright outlook on life will be greatly missed. Good luck in the future Lady Lakers!!