Sideline or Half Time?

The WBHS Sideline cheerleaders pay farewell!


Madison Ruiz

When you add sugar, spice and everything spirited together you end up with the West Bloomfield High School Sideline Cheerleaders! The year is coming to an end and the WBHS sideline cheerleaders are starting to pack their back and head to college. The WBHS Sideline cheerleaders left their mark on WBHS as they cheered on their fellow athletes at every game. The Sideline cheerleaders made sure to stay heated and spirited during each game no matter how harsh the conditions. The WBHS Sideline cheerleaders had such an impact on the school and was able to convert their cheer and energy to everyone anytime, not just on the field. The Cheerleaders brought their stellar attitude with them everywhere they went, leaving everyone they encountered in a spectacular mood. Salina Rice a West Bloomfield High School sideline cheerleader told us a little about herself and why she loves cheer so much.

“My favorite thing about sideline season is that it’s like a season long warm up to help me get ready for comp season and I love cheering our team and seeing them succeed. my favorite thing about comp season is that I love bonding with my team and watching them grow with me… I’ve been cheering since 7th grade, I took a break junior year and decided to do it my last year in highschool…my greatest memory was probably getting my nose broken…I’ve loved cheer since I was little, I’ve been in every sport and I’ve never loved them as much as I love cheer. I feel like cheer has had a big impact on my life. I feel like being on so many different teams and meeting so many different people and having them become like family, especially in the past two seasons, to me has helped me through so much. They’ve helped me become a better person.” Salina has learned so much from cheerleading and hopes to share her experience with other people down the road.

Though the Sideline season is ended the cheerleader’s still spread their enthusiasm throughout their community. The WBHS sideline cheerleaders strongly encourage their peers to try out during football season because their personal experience has been so amazing. The WBHS Sideline senior cheerleaders will be greatly missed, have fun and don’t forget your home Lady Lakers!