Cultures Clash, but Friendship is International

Seniors depart from International Club

Val Walls

The International Club is one of the most popular clubs in West Bloomfield High School (WBHS). Lead by spanish teacher Greg Vennettilli, the club aims to educate students about other cultures as well as their own via ethnic foods, presentations and videos. Their most acclaimed event is called the Taste of Culture; one day each school year, students can pay $2 to eat all different types of ethnic foods. This event is very popular, and creates an interest in other cultures.

Instead of community events, this club focuses on helping students learn about other cultures, which is what makes it so popular. This year, there were 43 members of International Club this year, and 10 of them were seniors. Seniors include Shehryar Ahmed, Shehr Asghar, Kinari Deodhar, Seth Goldgrab, Nabiha Habib, Meena Holland, Nora Kalaj, Zarin Kothari, Elizabeth Linnick, and Zofishan Zahid.

To the seniors of International Club: we wish you a warm adiós, adieu, ciao, auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, and bon voyage!