The Ski Team


Avani Samandur , Contributor

The ski team is a group of hard-working and dedicated students who love spending time with each other and the snow. Ski team members attend two hour practices, with an hour commute each way. They are all very committed and manage to balance out their busy schedule with their heavy workload. The skiers spend an average of nine hours skiing a week after school, and their meets are every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 4:30. They have four slalom meets, and four giant slalom (GS) meets. Slalom skiing is a way of skiing between poles and gates. Giant slalom skiing has larger distances between poles and gates than slalom, while skiing downhill. Their conditioning starts in mid-november, and the season is in January and February. As well as season practices, they have out of season practices that they attend depending on how much snow there is on the ground. Sophomore Lindsay Arthurs qualified for the Southeastern Michigan Ski League (SEMSL), as she was one of the four best individuals after skiers were taken from the top three teams. She qualified for SEMSL with her best finishes in both slalom (SL), and in GS. Arthurs loves skiing, and she advises anyone who is new to skiing to “Come to practice as often as you can make possible. Also spend a lot of time free skiing working on technique so it will be easier to apply in the course.” Arthurs’ inspiration is skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and her favorite Ski team saying is “SEND IT,” which means to go fast. Blake Bordelove is another sophomore who loves being on the ski team. Bordelove has been skiing for ten years, and his favorite part about skiing is “bonding with the team and having fun on the hill.” Nathan Kinner, junior, is also a very dedicated and passionate skier, as it helped his leadership skills, and Kinner’ s favorite memory from being on the ski team was being in the top ten when finishing. Congratulations to all of the wonderful skiers of the ski team on a great season!