Cry Less Craft More


Ashley Thoms, Writer

Easter is right around corner, and for those who celebrate the holiday, finding the right decorations and candy holders can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts that people can make to brighten up their home.

The first craft is a mason jar Easter themed container that holds candy, candles, flowers, and many more items. First, start off with a blank jar and vinyl stickers. Cut the stickers into the shape of a rabbit or anything else really and then attach the stickers to the smooth side of the jar. Next apply a coat of Chalky Finish Paint which can be found at any art store and let the jar dry for at least ten minutes. While the paint is still a bit wet, peel the stickers off the jar. To finish the look off add lace trim or ribbon to the top of the jar.

bunny jar


Next, this craft that looks as beautiful as it is fun to make. DIY Découpage Eggs. The first step is to find a template for flowers, butterflies, birds, and other objects small enough to fit on a egg. If the template is online, print the document out and grab a pair of scissors. Cut out all the objects on the template and set them aside. Next, grab some glue and apply it to the egg, then paste the object onto the egg. Make sure the object is glued down very well. Apply as many cutouts as desired and then let the egg dry.



Lastly, this is sure to look cute wherever it goes which is the pom pom bunny. One important thing to note is that you will need to pom poms, one bigger than the other. Start with a small square of velvet-like fabric and cut out two ears for the bunny. Attach the ears to the smaller pom pom with glue or another adhesive. Next grab two small black beads that will make the eyes and glue them to the smaller pom pom as well. One white bead makes for a cute mouth, and whiskers made of thread, while optional, can be attached to the mouth before it is glued on. After making the face, glue the small pom pom to the big pom pom to create a body, and finally, glue a small puffy ball to the back of the bunny to create a tail.

pom pom