It’s The Circle of Theatre

Orchard Lake Middle School Students Perform The Lion King


Emma Lundgren and Jo Fogarasi

On the weekend of March 19th, 48 Orchard Lake Middle School (OLMS) students performed in The Lion King Experience, an exciting and entertaining rendition of the classic Disney movie. The students started rehearsing in November and put many hours into perfecting their performance. The production was a massive success as both nights were full houses and many parents buzzed about the costumes and production value they had observed.

Spectrum decided to talk to the directors about their experiences and challenges. “This is a brand new musical (for schools to perform), it’s never been done before. It was designed to be performed with t-shirts and blue jeans so we’ve transformed it into a full blown production.” Says Director, Mrs.Compton, “The story line and the music are iconic so it’s fun but it’s also a challenge at the same time,” musical Director Mrs.Tini added. Mrs.Compton pitched in again by saying “Another thing that’s really different about this musical is that the kids are playing the environment. They are the grasslands and they are the jungle, so that’s a big factor that makes it stand out.”    

Overall the show was spectacular. The set was very creative and the costumes really reflected the African culture and overall theme. It was easy to see how hard the students practiced and prepared for the show. Their collaboration and harmonization was above and beyond middle school level. It is very clear that this musical will be remembered in the future, and is one of the best musicals OLMS has ever put on. But for now, Hakuna Matata.