Say NO to the Dress…

As with any prom, there are a variety of dresses. The good, the bad, the ugly, and those which make you wish that you had pulled an Oedipus and gouged out your eyes so that you wouldn’t have to behold them. While we here at Spectrum certainly give these dresses a pat on the back for creativity, we highly advise against pulling something like this at our prom. Then again, it’s a free country, so feel free to push the boundaries of fashion… and your dignity.
Are you on team Edward or team Jacob? Personally, I’m on team “get this wreck out of my sight”

Somewheeeeeeere over the raaaaainbooowww… is where this horrible outfit should be kept. Definitely not in the public eye.

Just in case you wanted to look like the lovechild of Ursula from The Little Mermaid and a sea urchin, we have just the right dress for you! Points for creativity though.

We’re still unsure of whether this original piece was made out of dress fabric, or just a stitched-up compilation of Thanksgiving tablecloths. Either way, it’s a no from me… and every other person with 20/20 vision and a healthy sense of self-respect.

I suddenly know exactly who i’m rooting for in the Batman vs. Superman movie…

I’ll have to remember to bring a thumbtack to this year’s prom just in case someone has the audacity to step out of the house wearing something like this. That’s not even starting on the fact that this dress was titled an “On the spot improvisation inflation creation.” Yikes.