Style File

The May trend report



Geometric undercuts paired with vibrant color are hot this month. Pairing super cool cuts with beautiful colors  make for a bold and fun look.


Charm bracelets have been making a come back.  it’s not just for moms and middle schoolers anymore charm bracelets have become a fun way to display your personality and interests in your sleeve.  wearing this trend is all about self expression, so go out and make the bracelet that displays who you are.



Mental health and self care apps are popping up like daisies lately. These apps focus on the inner self by tracking your emotions and activities, providing fun games made to improve moods and suggestions for better health.  Some of the Best apps are:

  • Happify: This app uses science based games and activities to reduce stress and overcome negative thoughts.
  • Booster Buddy: This App gives you a “Buddy” that helps improve personal wellness using quests.
  •  Pacifica :  Using guided meditation and group chats this app helps reduce stress.
  • 10% Happier: Anyone who is still skeptical about meditation should try this app, 10% uses simple guided meditations to reduce stress and improve moods, it is subscription based but the first week is free.


Scented makeup is a delicious trend that has been making it’s way onto shelves this entire year. The scents range from sweet chocolate to spicy chilli scents .  just be sure to do a spot test before committing to a shade and scent especially if you have sensitive skin. 

The faux freckles trend has been popular in Asia and is finally making it’s way to the states, thee best way to wear this trend is to start off with a few freckles across the nose where natural freckles would fall.