A Carnival to Cure Cancer

West Bloomfield High School students raise money for the American Cancer Society.


On Wednesday, May 11th, West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) students gathered in the courtyard in order to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization that has spent over 103 years fighting to treat and alleviate the threat of cancer while utilizing almost 900 treatment centers and offices offering care. Various clubs and groups, including the Muslim Student Association, Student Government, Class Councils, and the French club, ran booths in which all proceeds from the items they sold went to the American Cancer Society. Students enjoyed Dairy Queen Blizzards, Henna tattoos, and specialty made crepes knowing that their money spent would be going to a good cause.


Many passionate individuals, such as marketing student Jack Budde, worked together to make this event a success. Budde said, “I am running the ‘Hi-Striker” game at the carnival. As part of this job, I have to help set up and take down the games, as well as run the game during lunch. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society, so the small $1 cost for the game goes a long way in helping to beat cancer.”


Other students, such as Sarah Shore (senior), participated in other ways. Shore purchased a raffle ticket in order to raise money. She was, “so happy and proud of the school for raising

Money for the ACS. I am about to get a Dairy Queen Blizzard, which are being sold for 3 dollars by the Class of 2018. This event offers so much and allows the school to get involved in charity.”


Club advisors and teachers also made their way to the courtyard to join in the festivities. According to Class of 2018 advisor Mr. Woodberg, “The ACS Carnival is a great way to increase school spirit, while raising money for a fantastic cause.” Physical education teacher Mr. Latra, who was being dunked in a dunk tank in the courtyard, said that, “Every year it’s a pleasure to be a part of a good cause to try to help raise some money. The kids have a lot of fun dunking us, so it’s a blast.” Coach Bellamy, another teacher who was being dunked,  agreed by saying, “It’s a ton of fun, and it’s great to see kids you haven’t seen in awhile.” This carnival truly was a fun-filled event for all involved.


Prior to the carnival, sports and entertainment marketing students were expected to sell raffle tickets to students and teachers around the school. Each ticket could be purchased for one dollar, allowing for the opportunity to select a drawing containing an item of their liking. Some featured drawings included a Playstation 4, concert tickets, and gift cards ranging from Plum Market to iTunes. All proceeds will be benefitting the ACS.
The carnival is one of West Bloomfield High School’s most-successful annual fundraisers that showcases a variety of student associations. Students from different groups are able to display their talents, cuisines, and cultural staples while also supporting the millions of Americans who are affected by cancer. The event is run by sports entertainment marketing and student leadership, as well as several student clubs which applied to be included in the day’s activities. The carnival will certainly remain as an integral part of the community outreach and charity that West Bloomfield High School prides itself on for years to come.