Hole in.. Four?

Girls Golf Senior Issue


Ryan Horwitz

Golf is a game of precision, smarts, and a whole lot of patience. This year there were four seniors on the varsity golf team who had all three of these qualities. These girls, Peri Applefield, Taylor Pierce, Heather Haely, and Elizabeth Tepper will be wishing West Bloomfield High School and the golf team a final farewell. These girls were not involved with golf simply just to win, they were in it to make friends and memories that could last them a lifetime. Although the wins were always a nice addition to these past few years, the memories and friends, as well as experiences, were priceless. These seniors have made many unforgettable memories and experiences to share, and they were kind enough to share them with Spectrum. Senior Peri Applefield said, “I’ve been playing for two years and I had a blast. My favorite memory was when I made a bet with Mr. Larkin that if I could get a hole in one on a put then he would buy the whole team pizza. I ended up making two in a row and he bought us all pizza, it was great. I will definitely continue in the future, but more for leisure than competition. I have made some friends through golf that will last for a long time, and I’m glad I participated for 2 years.” Peri said she would reccomend golf to anyone looking for a hobby or just to try something new. The four senior girls are leaving physically, but they have made their mark on the high school and on the golf team and their achievements and personalities will not be forgotten. Congratulations girls, and good luck in college!