Taking Down Their Senior Year

WBHS Senior Wrestlers tell all!


Seniors on WBHS Varsity Wrestling: Mathis Chisnell, Matt Taub, Bryce Klein, Rahsaan Leonard, Jacob Finger, Humza Ali, Brian Ekhzian, Shehr Asghar, Euilojo Rodriguez, and David Brown.

Lauryn Azu

WBHS Varsity Wrestlers had one of their best seasons ever during their 2015-2016 season, which is great because this year’s graduating seniors got the chance to lead the way. Graduating seniors on WBHS Varsity Wrestling include captain Mathis Chisnell, Matt Taub, Bryce Klein, Rahsaan Leonard, Jacob Finger, Humza Ali, Brian Ekhzian, Shehr Asghar, Euilojo Rodriguez, and David Brown. We spoke to Chisnell, Rodriguez, and Brown about their highlights, accomplishments, and memories from their time playing for WBHS throughout high school.


According to Coach Greg Alessi, the highest senior career stats of this season were as follows; Rashaan Leonard won 50 of his matches, lost 47 times, and pinned his opponent 13 times, winning at a 0.515% rate. Varsity Wrestling Captain  Mathis Chisnell, won 37 times, lost 37 times, pinned down his opponent 14 times, and had a winning rate of 0.500%. Eulojio Rodriguez had won his matches 8 times, lost 14 times, pinned down his opponent 4 times, and had a winning rate of 0.363%. Brian Ekhzian won 23 times, lost 65 times, pinned down his opponent 7 times and had a winning rate of 0.261%. Finally, Mathis Chisnell had a Dual Meet Record of 13 vs.11.


Most remarkably this year, Varsity Wrestling Coach Greg Alessi was inducted into the West Bloomfield Coaches Hall of Fame. Coach Alessi continued his winning ways with a dual meet victory over Birmingham Groves High School, which was his 400th career dual meet victory.


Senior wrestler Eulojio Rodriguez has placed in all tournaments he has competed in within first to third place throughout all his years competing with WBHS. He says that the major accomplishments of this season were WBHS being first in the league for the whole season, that three of our team members made it to districts, and that at least 5 of our teammates placed in the tournaments. Varsity Wrestling was also 1st in Districts at the end of the season. Senior David Brown notes that WBHS Varsity wrestling was able to accomplish all this while being only a 15 man team, which is a small team for wrestling. Brown is most proud of coming in 2nd place in all 4 tournaments this season, as this is only his first year wrestling.  Both seniors on Varsity Wrestling will miss the bond that they were able to foster while competing on this team, and also the very supportive coaching staff.


Varsity Wrestling captain Mathis Chisnell remarks that his proudest moment during his Wrestling career with WBHS was, “When I was chosen to be a captain for my wrestling team . . . As long as I’ve been a captain, I have tried my best to improve and encourage my teammates, and at times, whip them back into shape.”


On his wrestling career with WBHS, Chisnell concludes that, “I will most definitely miss the family that I have become a part of.  Unlike most schools that are the same size, West Bloomfield has always been an extremely tightly-knit team. Of the 22 of us, were all friends, teammates, and in the end, brothers, and I have always treasured that fact.  Being a captain, I was able to involve myself in my teammates matches, and, as a friend, a teammate, and a leader, truly get to know them and their wrestling, and I know from experience that it is a blessing to have someone to go to, someone they can talk to as a friend, something coaches are unable to offer.  I have many memories in this school, more than anywhere else.  I still cant get over the fact that I will never wrestle again for my high school, and although physically I am relieved that it is all over, mentally and emotionally I am still a wrestler and I am forever a Laker.”


To all seniors on Varsity Wrestling, Spectrum appreciates your hard work and dedication to sportsmanship, and we wish you the best in the future. Thank you for representing our school in this great sport, and like Mathis Chisnell remarked, once a Laker, always a Laker!